A Tale Of Two Markets

A Tale Of Two Markets
An Editorial By Phil Anderson · Tuesday December 13th


One thing any experienced property investor will tell you is there are hundreds of property markets within Australia, not just one. Even in the same city two suburbs can be performing very differently. Sydney suburb Manly is a perfect example of this, and let me tell you why.


This can be a confusing scenario to understand for some, but let me use some local Sydney suburbs to make it as clear as possible.

A recent report by the REA group has stated that the suburb for the highest demand for apartments anywhere in the country is Manly. And if you can’t afford Manly, don’t fret. Neighbouring Narrabeen also sits highly on that list

Where demand is high an element of security for investors and homeowners comes with it. The real danger for investors lies silently in SEEMINGLY strong property markets that investors don’t realise possess extremely high risk. We are currently witnessing thousands of Mum & Dad investors confidently walking ahead blindfolded into these suburbs, not knowing there is a cliff dead ahead in their path.

All year I have been sharing these “No Go Zones” at my live events, and will continue to inform investors when I am back on stage in early 2017. In the mean time, click below to download my latest free report Named “Australia’s
No Go Zones”, where you can learn which BIG MARKET suburbs are rapidly becoming off limits for investors

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For local Manly folk in Sydney, you could forgive them for thinking the whole country enjoyed this kind of high demand for apartments. But not only is this not the case for Australia as a whole, it isn’t even the case for suburbs just 25 - 30 kms away


Sydney has a growing number of suburbs fitting into the No Go Zones bracket, particularly when it comes to units. These No Go Zones look to be robust markets to the untrained eye, but an advancing oversupply in CBD centres are luring in unknowing investors who not only may find it difficult to actually complete their purchase, but also can’t find a tenant when or if they do.
I have 7 key criteria for buying in growth suburbs, of which demand (as well as vacancy rates) is obviously one of them.

To see what strong demand can do for property prices, look no further again than Manly where the median price for an apartment is $1.085 million. This based on the 304 units that have sold in the suburb in the last 12 months.

Low supply and strong demand means good returns for investors. That has been one of the hall marks of my 100% success rate in picking growth markets around Australia. To learn more simply click here for my
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