What’s The Golden Rule Of Investing?

Phil Anderson - September 12, 2017

When you buy your family home it’s all about you. Your tastes, your needs, your wants. An investment property however, couldn’t be more different, as you’re trying to cater for someone else’s needs and wants. Choosing a property that has the best chance of being in high demand requires setting aside your personal tastes and instead listening to the market...READ MORE


Group Buying Providing Security For Mum & Dad Investors

Phil Anderson - August 29, 2017

Previously left out in the cold to fend for themselves, more and more investors are now turning to the security and leveraged power of specialist buyers agents to secure investment opportunities they could previously only dream of. But just as no property markets are the same, neither are buyers agents, with some buyers agents putting their clients into less than desirable locations and leaving them out of pocket. Here’s how you can protect yourself, grab a superior deal and sleep more soundly at the same time...READ MORE


UNCOVERED - What is Australia’s Number 1 Growth Market?

Phil Anderson - August 24, 2017

What makes the ideal place to live? Is it easy access to amenities such as major airports and hospitals? Is it quality primary, secondary and tertiary education options, or a relaxed, beach side lifestyle? Or, is it living in a safe and supportive community while paying an affordable price tag? In reality the answer is ‘all of the above’, and thanks to literally tens of billions of dollars being poured into local infrastructure we are seeing regional markets go from strength to strength....READ MORE