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What is the impact of the big capital growth city markets? Where to look next? How can a small regional town be the 5th highest searched location in Australia? In this post Phil uncovers another Big Property Shift in 2016 and how you can stay ahead of the curve. downloadbutton_02


Hi, I'm Phil Anderson from LifeCorp, the home of street smart property investors. I get lots of questions emailed to me each and every week. The most common one I'm getting at the moment is, "Phil, please tell us where the next Sydney is." Many people realize the Sydney market has been going crazy for the last two or three years. They also know that I was in there buying the heck out of the Sydney market just before it turned. So, they want to know, how do we get ahold of the best areas in the best stage of the property cycle and take advantage of some great capital growth around Australia?

But where is next? Let's have a look at that together.

Now one of the reason’s why I did take advantage of the Sydney market was because I watch a whole range of criteria, I’ve got a whole range of things that I look for, indicators that show me where markets are going to start being driven into growth stages. Around Australia at the moment, it's incredibly interesting. There are three new major shifts coming through the Australian property market. A lot of it centralizes around the cities, because one of those major shifts is a big oversupply of certain stock. Now, the markets that I like best at the moment circle around the growth that's being driven by the two key performing markets in Australia in the last two or three years. It is Melbourne and it is Sydney. It's the ripple of growth that's coming out of those two markets that I predicted, pretty much. Like I said, I was in the Sydney market a few years ago, buying dozens of properties, doing incredibly well over the last few years. But whilst that market's been moving, I've also been staying ahead of the ripple that comes out of both of those markets by picking certain areas that are gonna really pick up on the growth that comes out of the Sydney market.

One of the shifts that I predicted a few years ago was what would be created as those properties within the Sydney market hits certain trigger points. A lot of people stuck in the workforce was one of the things I was noticing. Tens of thousands of people that wanted to retire but just couldn't afford to because their Superfunds had taken such a big hit through the GFC, they're waiting for their family homes to become saleable. You know, the great Australian saying is, "I'm not selling my property 'til I can get what it's worth." Well, in recent years, Sydney property owners and Melbourne property owners have been able to sell their family homes and get what it's worth, cash up, take the equity back out of the family homes, put half that money into their retirement fund, and then go shopping with the other half of those funds to a more affordable lifestyle-driven area.

Now, of course, they would want to stay to areas where there are great hospitals, great airports, great infrastructure, a whole range of things that they'd be looking for, which I've outlined in the past. But many of the areas that we started targeting started to be areas that were really caught up in the path of what I call the 'grey tsunami' coming out of the Sydney market. I particularly like north of Sydney. I particularly liked areas that stood out as being no-brainers, which were great, quality areas at any rate, areas I would be investing in if it wasn't for just this shift. Areas like Port Macquarie, which just happens to be the fifth highest searched suburb in New South Wales right now. That market's going crazy. So, areas like Port Macquarie are really caught up in this path.

So, that's pretty much what's happening right now. That's the benefits of watching these shifts come through and acting before they actually really cut in. But there is a new one happening around Southeast Queensland. Lots of stuff that's starting to circle in this precinct. All eyes are going onto Southeast Queensland. Now, there are way too many details to be able to talk about today. I'll put it into a video blog in just a few minutes today.

What I've done is I've put it all into my latest report, or most of it, into my latest report. It is a report that's yours free of charge. It's my State of the Nation report, it's my spring edition. You can grab it free of charge by clicking on the link below. It'll give you more of the details about the shifts that we're benefiting from today. And if you're thinking about investing in 2016, how you may be able to place yourself out of the path of where I think the biggest risks are, and in the path of where I think the best capital growth will be. And like I said, it's yours free of charge. I'm even considering in November doing a live tour around Australia to talk more about these shifts, so please keep an eye out for that. But today, grab the report below. It's yours free of charge.

And remember, guys, my golden rule is all about affordability, protecting your pocket. If you're gonna buy an investment property, I don't want you taking away your lifestyle at the same time. So, if you decide to target a market in 2016, if you decide to buy an investment property, please make it about the numbers. Be about protecting where you are today. None of us want to go backwards. So if you're gonna buy a property, like I always say, if you can't buy it with your lunch money, don't buy it.

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