What do you recommend for First Home Buyers – occupy or rent?

The question of whether to, as a first home buyer, purchase with a view to occupying or rent the property is a topic of great debate in Australia.

The great Australian dream is to own your own home. This is a very emotional position based on people doing what their parents did, their peers are doing, and what they want to do. There is nothing wrong with this dream…………..so long as you identify that it is a very emotional decision. Of course, over time you should see capital growth and this is good enough for many people.

What is often not considered is the fact that this home must be paid for from after-tax income and has no tax deductions attached to it – effectively making it a very expensive purchase.

In contrast, the decision to purchase with the view to be a land lord and rent the property is founded in more business-based rational. This purchase does not carry the emotion of ‘living in your own home’ but does carry the advantage of an income stream (rent) and potential tax deductions.

There is not a ‘best’ approach – just the one that suits you best.

As part of the Lunch Money Training program we work with you to identify what your long term objectives are, understand your current scenario and consider how to bring those two things together.

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