What Is the YPGP 12 Month Coaching Program and what does it include?

Unlike many so-called property experts, who teach you their “fly-by-night” strategies that are almost impossible to implement and end up gathering dust on your shelf, the Lifecorp Lunch Money Property Investing System gives you a straight forward, do-able Game Plan for getting started in property investing, or getting your investing back on track. And because we’re all about supporting you for the long term, you get 12 month access to your own personal Property Coach who will help you create your own specific game plan and bring all the right people around you to help make it a reality. Finally - someone in your corner who is there to help.

After attending the one day live training, you may wish to join our “Your Property Game Plan” (YPGP) 12 Month Coaching Program. This includes:

  1. Getting Started - your very own Property Coach will work with you one-on-one to help you get clear on your vision, understand your current situation and exactly what capacity you have to implement the model (including minimal deposits and "Lunch Money" holding costs).
  2. You’re Personalised Action Plan - once you and your Property Coach have worked through the Getting Started phase, your Coach will help you develop a personalised Action Plan and answer any further questions you have, so you can feel confident, knowing you are on the right path and ready to take action.
  3. Moving Forward - the support you get from your Property Coach doesn’t end there. Now you’ll get the help you need to implement your plan, as your Coach takes you step by step toward the ultimate goal of becoming an active property investor. You can confidently move forward in the knowledge that you are following a tried and tested system with an experienced and qualified team by your side.

About the One Day Training

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