About Us

Lifecorp was started with a simple idea.

Together we can develop and exercise a smarter, more productive game plan allowing individual members the ability to save a truck load of time, energy and money whilst building wealth through property investments

It was this idea that has quickly gathered traction and turned into the Lifecorp Buyers Group, and is now impacting the lives of every day Australians for the better. The constant feedback from clients is that Lifecorp really cares about each member’s unique situation and are so supportive throughout the entire process from start to finish. It is no wonder the majority of the new members that come into Lifecorp are referred family and friends.

    • Phil Anderson
      Lifecorp Founder

      Phil Anderson's 'rags to riches' story has been a motivator for countless Australians. His relentless efforts allowed him to retire as a self made multi-millionaire at just 38 years of age largely due to his passion for Real Estate. There really is no one better for educating Australians on how to create wealth through property, using nothing more than a ‘lunch money’ budget.

      "I'm just an average country boy who grew up without money. When I retired in my 30's I became annoyed that our school system doesn't teach us these simple facts that can help anyone retire young."

      With that as one of Phil's main drivers, his national presentations educate, inspire, and above all give the ability to take action towards achieving wealth goals. This is done through the simple steps that the Lifecorp Buyers Group uses to create real wealth. Phil has not only achieved financial freedom, but along the way Phil was also crowned Mr Australia for bodybuilding. At the same time he gained international qualifications as a Master Life Coach and was featured in the national bestselling book ‘Secrets of Entrepreneurs Under 40’ and more recently, ‘Property Millionaire’.

      He continues to explore new and exciting markets and gives back to communities through his passion for breaking the limiting beliefs of today's youth.

    • Faye Roberts

      Faye is a Property Investment Association of Australia (PIAA) Certified Property Investment Advisor and Buyers Agent who has been working with Lifecorp Buyers Group since its inception.

      Faye is an active property investor. Inspired by Phil and under his mentorship, Faye has grown her personal portfolio from 1 property just 4 years ago to 6 today – all following the Lifecorp investment model. Passionate about property, Faye is also passionate about guiding and supporting others to achieve their property goals.

      “I love the opportunity that Lifecorp presents me to show people just how attainable a better lifestyle and secure future is through property investing. I have seen so many people find themselves in a situation of having options and choices that they never thought possible before. It is extremely rewarding”.

      Faye’s other passion is her 2 children, making sure they have every opportunity in life and that they grow up with a great mind set about investing and wealth creation.

      “Children are an amazing inspiration for all of us to be prepared for the future!”

    • Lorraine Nielsen

      Infinity Consulting Group Managing Director Lorraine Nielsen (GAICD) is an Accredited Business Advisor, Property Investment Consultant and Licensed Buyers Agent. Lorraine is passionate about partnering with people to face today’s challenges in developing their success – her motto is “High Performance – Business & People”. Lorraine delivers on services that provide guidance, mentoring and hands on support to identify, action and exceed personal and / or business goals.

      Being a qualified accountant, former CFO, General Manager and Business Executive, with over 20 years track record of driving success working across a diverse range of industry, including construction and property development, and growing her family property portfolio of 9 including purchasing 3 with superannuation (“the best ones yet!”), Lorraine is well positioned to coach people to drive their success. “You have got to have a goal or you are just not in the game!”.

      In October 2009 Lorraine achieved Finalist for the Bendigo Bank North Queensland Emerging Business Women Award 2009. Lorraine spends her leisure time with her husband and 2 young children, boating and catching loads of big fish (at least her husband does!), and Skiing as often as they can. “Hokkaido, Japan is the favourite spot – it just snows all the time!”


    • Paul Loughland

      To say Paul is passionate about property is an understatement. At just 18 years young he started his own property portfolio and over the years has had practical hands on experience as a property investor, landlord and strata manager. In this time Paul has trialled a wide variety of property strategies including everything from renovating to buying off the plan. It is this experience that told Paul he was on the right path when he came across Lifecorp.

      “I meet many property investors who, like me, have a moment of clarity when they are presented with the Lifecorp model. I just love how simple the model is. It really gives me the opportunity to help others enjoy the rewards that property has to offer.”

      Paul has been working with Lifecorp for 5 years and is a Certified Property Investment Advisor and professional Buyers Agent. Paul is also a member of the Property Investment Association of Australia (PIAA). He also has Licenced Real Estate Agent qualifications in three States, which also includes being a qualified auctioneer and property manager.

      Paul’s portfolio has grown by 7 properties in his time with Lifecorp. All while he spends more time with his wife and two young children pursuing their family passion of travelling.