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Rob & Ann

Rob & Ann · April 22nd, 2016 · Video · Editoral · Emerging Market

At the age of 45 I was very worried about our retirement, with a very small amount of money in our super funds. We are a family of six and all our money was going on living and raising the kids. I was working on my career with positive results but what were Ann and… Read MoreRead More


With Lifecorp’s support we have bought 5 properties in the last 15 months!!

Ralph & Lisa · April 14th, 2016 · Video · Editoral · Emerging Market

I attended a company sponsored property investment seminar today. The subject matter experts they had (a property investment adviser and an accountant) presented the property investment process in a very confusing complicated and time consuming way. It made me realise how superior Lifecorp is and the fantastic value Lisa and… Read MoreRead More