FEATURE: Stamp Duty 'Paid For You' in todays Growth Markets

Phil Anderson - August 14, 2017

Move over Sydney, Regional NSW is taking the spotlight in reports outlining the Nations Top ‘Growth Markets’ around Australia. Four years ago it was Sydney and Melbourne that featured more than 70 ‘Growth Suburbs’ each but since then these rising postcodes have gradually declined and have become harder and harder to find. As a result, informed investors seeking affordability, strong cash flow and capital growth are now targeting many of these rising regional markets. Today Regional NSW features 81 'Growth Markets' and many believe the best is yet to come...READ MORE


Education Before Motivation

Phil Anderson - August 8, 2017

Education before motivation. A great mentor of mine said to me many years ago, “Phil, if you don’t have education before motivation you’re just a motivated idiot!”. Some might view these words as harsh, but it struck a chord with me that I have never forgotten. Time and time again I see so many people with their hearts absolutely in the right place, but rushing in without any kind of strategy or team in place only to end up losing everything. Here’s how you can go about investing safely, protecting yourself and your family while getting the results you deserve...READ MORE


What’s The Most Important Element To Success?

Phil Anderson - August 1, 2017

Have you ever noticed that some people tend to get ahead in life?  Success seems to come easily, and challenges that we all face in life just don’t seem to weigh them down. Someone’s mindset can be the definition factor that either helps or hinders success, and successful investing is no different.  Here are some crucial tips that can help you create the habits you need to achieve your goals....READ MORE