Lunch Money Property Investing - Step 1 - Vision

Phil Anderson - April 20, 2015

Lunch Money Property Investing - Step 1: The first step to successful investing is Vision. Beginning with the end in mind and knowing where you want to be at some point in the future. I'm going to give you some advice I wish someone had given me 20 years ago when I was starting out… Read MoreRead More


Gen Y vs Gen X

paul holland - April 7, 2015

While they may be younger, is the way that Gen Y are investing in property a smarter way to go than how Gen X have traditionally done it? I think it is and I tell you why in this weeks video. Transcription Hi, I'm Phil Anderson from LifeCorp, the home of street smart property investors.… Read MoreRead More


Property Cycles vs Property Tides

paul holland - March 31, 2015

There is a difference between Property Cycles and Property Tides and understanding the difference could make or break your investing. Transcription Phil: Hi. I'm Phil Anderson from LifeCorp, the home of street-smart property investors. As a property investor, no one wants to make it harder than it needs to be. Property growth and picking property… Read MoreRead More


Buying Under Market Value Every Time

paul holland - March 24, 2015

One of the biggest concerns for new investors is making sure they are paying the right price for their property. I love showing investors how to ensure they can buy under the market every single time. Transcription Phil Anderson: Hi, I'm Phil Anderson from Life Corp, the home of Street Smart Property Investors. Are you… Read MoreRead More