The 'WAVE OF WEALTH' that COVID-19 can't stop!

65 wave - The 'WAVE OF WEALTH' that COVID-19 can't stop!
wave - The 'WAVE OF WEALTH' that COVID-19 can't stop!

PROPERTY INVESTORS BEWARE: An underestimated force is about to impact the Australian property market that's even more powerful than COVID-19.

Investors need to prepare for an unprecedented event that will dramatically affect property cycles in an unfamiliar way over the next 15 years, both in Australia and around the world.

This 'game-changing' wave of wealth and population movement will be triggered by more than 5 Million Australian Baby Boomers believed to control more than half of our national wealth and who are now desperate to transition into retirement but have had their lives temporarily on hold due to COVID-19.  More than half of this massive portion of our population has been eagerly preparing to 'cash in' their family homes and downsize into more affordable housing to help fund their retirement years.

65 wave 2 - The 'WAVE OF WEALTH' that COVID-19 can't stop!

2020 promised an ideal opportunity to downsize. 

The GFC didn't do the retirement funds of Australian Baby Boomers any favours.  With substantial financial impact creating the need for many to 'roll up their sleeves' and work far longer than they had expected, and now the COVID-19 crisis has added a further delay to their 'downsizing' plans.  But this is in stark contrast to how the year started for many of these eager home sellers. All capital cities were recording growth, the Sydney and Melbourne property markets were performing strongly, auction clearance rates all suggesting an ideal window for Baby Boomers to pull the trigger and free up the wealth accumulated in their family homes.

And Australia is not on its own when it comes to this unprecedented wave of strategically planned 'downsizing'.  Experts around the world, and astute property investors tracking this rapidly rising trend, are united in the belief that this wave cannot be stopped. While the COVID-19 crisis has placed restrictions on Sellers, Buyers, and Real Estate Agents, resulting in property markets around the world being put on hold, the ages of these baby boomers cannot be stopped.  So the pressure builds and builds, with a clear expectation that they will be left with little choice but to sell over the next few years, or dramatically adjust their expectations around their dream retirement

The downsizing formula exposes 'risks' and 'opportunities.'  

Countless surveys have uncovered the need for millions of Australian Baby Boomers to 'top-up' their retirement savings if they want to enjoy their retirement years in the way they have been dreaming.  More than half of all Australian Baby Boomers could take advantage of this downsizing opportunity over the next ten years.  One analyst, Martin North, believes as many as 1.2 million properties are currently being prepared for a sale, with the vast majority of homes that are expected to hit the market being in Sydney and Melbourne.

The likely potential of an unprecedented volume of properties being listed for sale will be great news for Real Estate Agents and families looking to purchase.  Still, it could prove disappointing for Sellers and Investors who are hoping to see strong property values maintained in the suburbs that have a high percentage of Baby Boomers looking to downsize. 

65 wave3 - The 'WAVE OF WEALTH' that COVID-19 can't stop!

Two unique windows of opportunity for Investors

Astute Investors will utilise two unique windows of opportunity to create life-changing wealth.  One window that has been created due to our current COVID-19 limited lifestyle choices is offering each of us more valuable time to increase our investment knowledge.  Allowing you to design an optimal investment strategy moving forward with confidence when this storm passes, and it will pass.  If you are unsure where to start, please surround yourself with the right people and unbiased information.  This is not a time to rush into anything, and it's the perfect time to prepare.

The other window of opportunity will be at an optimal position for the next 3 to 5 there's no rush!  This window will see property investors taking advantage of securing investment properties directly in the path of where millions of retiring Baby Boomers will be relocating to and purchasing homes.  These emerging growth markets will see a massive increase in short and long term employment as these postcodes explode with new infrastructure to support the well researched and strategically planned population growth corridors.  

More news on these exciting investment markets very soon!

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The Best Defense Is
A Good Offense


In these ever-changing times, property investors need to stay 
up to date on how COVID-19 could be impacting the value of their investments and impacting your income.

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SEQ Big Shift Report

Keep an eye out for my upcoming SEQ Big Shift report where I'll break down a number of key elements that are creating a 'perfect storm' for informed property investors in certain postcodes within the emerging hot spot for property investors.

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