CONVID-19: Tips for protecting your property portfolio

COVID 19 Tips for protecting your property portfolio - CONVID-19: Tips for protecting your property portfolio

CONVID-19: Tips for protecting your property portfolio   

Regardless of how many properties you own, landlords and homeowners should take steps to protect their portfolios as we brace for uncertain market conditions. 

The impact of the coronavirus has already seen the Stock Markets around the world go into free-fall, with a panic sell-off causing the ASX this week to record it's worst day since the 1987 Black Monday crash. It's times like these that I feel extra grateful for my life long passion for property investing, particularly my focus on building a portfolio favouring residential property. House prices across Australia have continued to trend upwards since stabilising in June. Record high monthly growth has even been recorded in five capital cities, including strong growth in February in Sydney and Melbourne.

Why are property prices still growing?

Property prices have not been wiped out like shares, in fact there has been a rush towards property as investors seek the safe-haven of the real estate market creating additional buyer demand for a limited amount of properties listed for sale, but only a fool would deny there's a storm coming and property investors need to be prepared. 

It's also important to note that when a sudden economic event occurs Real Estate is not anywhere near as liquid as shares. When investors panic shares can be sold on the same day whereas property requires a much longer process giving investors more time to consider their decision rather than let fear dictate the situation. This helps protect investors with a low risk tolerance from making a rash decision, and also assists other investors in this asset class from waking up to a sudden bloodbath overnight like we have seen in the share market over recent weeks.

Why some property markets will bounce back quicker than others

When the COVID-19 storm passes, some property markets are positioned much better than others to experience a springboard of growth. Whilst our economy is likely to grind to a hold over the coming months one thing is guaranteed to never stop, our 5 Million plus baby boomers will continue to age. This sector of the market controls more than half of our national wealth and this group also holds the best clues for where informed property investors will capitalise as confidence returns to the market. Other markets will be in for longer recovery periods as this huge portion of our population base recommences an unprecedented level of population and wealth movement around our nation.

Why you should 'batten down the hatches'

Regardless of your opinion around how hard the coronavirus will affect our economy over the coming months, I strongly encourage you to 'hope for the best' but 'prepare for the worst'. Over the next week I will be preparing a tool box for fellow property investors in an effort to help fight the war we will be fighting in the months ahead. I've already taken many personal steps to protect my property portfolio and urge other investors to do the same.

(COMING VERY SOON) Landlords will learn:

  • How to potentially hold bigger 'Cash Reserves'
  • The window of opportunity to break free from 'Fixed Interest Loans' 
  • Understand how to request a  'Mortgage Holiday' from loan repayments
  • How to reduce a wide range of other cashflow draining expenses

Plus much more!

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If you haven't already downloaded my latest National BIG WEALTH SHIFT Report, here's the link.

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SEQ Big Shift Report

Keep an eye out for my upcoming SEQ Big Shift report where I'll break down a number of key elements that are creating a 'perfect storm' for informed property investors in certain postcodes within the emerging hot spot for property investors.


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