Education Before Motivation

Education Before Motivation
An Editorial By Phil Anderson - Tuesday August 8th

Education before motivation. A great mentor of mine said to me many years ago, “Phil, if you don’t have education before motivation you’re just a motivated idiot!”. Some might view these words as harsh, but it struck a chord with me that I have never forgotten. Time and time again I see so many people with their hearts absolutely in the right place, but rushing in without any kind of strategy or team in place only to end up losing everything. Here’s how you can go about investing safely, protecting yourself and your family while getting the results you deserve.

Since the most recent property price surges in some of our larger capital cities we have seen some dangerous conversations start to occur. I’m talking about largely self-serving advice that is either designed to sell newspapers or specific institutional services.

One such comment was from a Brisbane based buyers agent who suggested that investors could throw a dart at a map of Brisbane, buy property where it lands and make money as a result. These kinds of comments scare me, as I know there are part time investors out there who will hear this and completely misunderstand the nuances involved in successful property investing.

We are entering a volatile and potentially dangerous time for Australian Property. Not because I believe prices are set to surge or fall in any one particular market, but because of the dangerous, emotional posturing that is happening as a result. I couldn’t be more confident in the current state of our key property markets, as long as you are buying the right property under the right conditions and with the right strategy specifically designed for you.

As I have said before a well vetted, trusted team of advisors who work directly for you personally is more important than ever. Make sure your interests are aligned with those you choose to bring on to your team. Your success should be their success.

Just jumping into your local market on your own without knowing the right questions to ask to protect yourself can be a life changing course of action, and not in a positive way. Get educated as well as motivated!

Over my personal 25 years of property investing I’ve developed a tried and tested investing formula to pick the right property types in the right markets at the right times to give myself and my clients the best possible chance of success. Due to hours upon hours of research, contract negotiation and more plane flights than I can possibly count, I can respectfully boast a 100% success rate in picking growth markets right around Australia.