Fear You've Missed The Market?

Fear You've Missed The Market?
An Editorial By Phil Anderson - Tuesday February 28th

We've all felt it at one stage or another. Your local market has moved strongly in an upwards direction, neighbours and friends are talking about how well their properties have performed, and you’re left feeling like you’ve shown up a day late to the big dance! Well, the good news is, even though you may have missed your local market the music is still playing elsewhere... and there is still time to grab a seat before the music stops.

Sydney and Melbourne boasted record low stock levels earlier this year, giving house prices yet another boost to begin 2017.

According to Corelogic’s January Home Value Index, year on year sales values in Sydney have increased by 16 per cent, while our southern neighbours in Melbourne enjoyed an 11.8 per cent increase. Looking back to the middle of 2012 when the growth cycle began for these two cities, the general Sydney market as a whole has increased by 70.5 per cent overall.

Sydney-siders and Melbournites can sometimes be guilty of thinking that these kinds of results are only available in their own local markets, but there is no reason for those who weren’t fortunate enough to be riding this property wave to feel that the opportunity has completely passed them by.

The reality is that there are some superb buying opportunities in markets that are much closer to the beginning of their current growth cycle rather than towards the end. In addition the price points can be more than half that of markets at the peak of their cycle, making it far easier to participate. I break down each of these markets at my live investor meetings (many of which have recently booked out), but to claim your free seat at the next available meetings please click the banner below.

I’m specifically talking about rising markets that are set to service an additional 100,000 more people to those who already call the area home. Strong regional areas with major airports (multiple flights to and from major cities every day), hospitals, and with hundreds of millions dollars being poured into the local infrastructure.

These key growth and coastal hubs still manage to possess affordable price points around or under $400,000, yields around 5 per cent (and up to 6 - 7 per cent yield in dual income properties) and low vacancy rates nearing 2% for the region, making them a very attractive prospect for investors.

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So the question should never be “Have I missed the market?”, but, “What other market makes sense right now?”

It's only once we let the numbers do the talking that we realise what possibilities are really out there. To learn which property types and locations will provide the best chance of investing success in the future, claim your complimentary seat at our next Investor Meeting now.




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