FEATURE: Stamp Duty 'Paid For You' in todays Growth Markets

FEATURE: Stamp Duty 'Paid For You' in todays Growth Markets
An Editorial By Phil Anderson - Tuesday August 15th

Move over Sydney, Regional NSW is taking the spotlight in reports outlining the Nations Top ‘Growth Markets’ around Australia. Four years ago it was Sydney and Melbourne that featured more than 70 ‘Growth Suburbs’ each but since then these rising postcodes have gradually declined and have become harder and harder to find. As a result, informed investors seeking affordability, strong cash flow and capital growth are now targeting many of these rising regional markets. Today Regional NSW features 81 'Growth Markets' and many believe the best is yet to come.

A massive regional infrastructure push by the NSW Government has been outlined in the most recent budget and is set to further increase the desirability of some large key regional hubs. This will in turn further strengthen the demand for quality housing in these areas. Here’s what is creating some of these outstanding opportunities and exactly how you can potentially benefit from them without the burden of paying Stamp Duty.

In an article recently released by The Land, it was reported that almost 40 per cent of new jobs that have been created in NSW over the past 2 years are located in regional NSW. This is due to a massive infrastructure push that is providing unique opportunities for research driven property investors.

This $72.7 billion infrastructure spend (the largest in NSW history) includes $7.7 billion into for health and Hospital development, $2.2 billion into schools, and a $100 million cultural program as the Government pours money into regional water and gas pipeline projects.

For me, this is the icing on the cake for certain key markets that already display robust economies in regional NSW. Many of these markets offer properties that provide incredible cash flow (more than double the yield of Sydney and Melbourne) and strong proven capital growth that would compete with any city suburb but are often underestimated by 'city focused investors'.

And just to be clear, an area needs a lot more than a hospital upgrade or a new school for it to get my attention. For example there are a total of 81 growth markets in regional NSW, however there are only 7 markets that tick all the boxes for my personal buying criteria. Our proven formula that has been honed and crafted carefully for more than 25 years provides an unfair advantage for those who choose to follow my model.

The great news is that 100's of Lifecorp Members have already used my research to be perfectly placed in these markets, many are even using equity created from our focus on purchasing cash flow positive properties in the Sydney market 4 years ago to purchase multiple high performing properties in these growth markets.

This is all resulting in even greater buying power, and not just for individual investors. Now we are truly gaining unfair advantages that individuals simply can't achieve on their own. A great example of this is our laser focus on certain Regional NSW powerhouse locations. By 'hunting as a pack' I have been able to negotiate deals with highly respected developers that would 'blow the minds' of average investors. For example most would never dream that deals can be put together using just $1 deposits...but we now are able to achieve this on more than 90% of our property transactions.


I have always been a firm believer that “We Are Stronger Together” and now I'm excited to announce that for a limited time I've been able to negotiate that 'YOUR STAMP DUTY WILL BE PAID FOR YOU' as yet another feature we can add to most deals we are putting together in the strongest of the NSW regional markets.

If you’d like to hear more about how we are helping Lifecorp Members secure investment properties in these growth markets without the need to pay stamp duty, please click on the link below to find out more.