Group Buying Providing Security For Mum & Dad Investors

Group Buying Providing Security For Mum & Dad Investors
An Editorial By Phil Anderson - Tuesday August 29th

Previously left out in the cold to fend for themselves, more and more investors are now turning to the security and leveraged power of specialist buyers agents to secure investment opportunities they could previously only dream of. But just as no property markets are the same, neither are buyers agents, with some buyers agents putting their clients into less than desirable locations and leaving them out of pocket. Here’s how you can protect yourself, grab a superior deal and sleep more soundly at the same time.

A recent report release by Bob Birrell and David McCluskey of the Australian Population Research Institute outlines a fairly stern warning regarding a surplus of apartments in certain Melbourne and Sydney markets, and state that soon obvious signs of a glut in apartments will come on to the market thanks to the 22,000 apartments due to be completed in 2017.

Some industry groups have slammed the report for being nothing more than alarmist. To be clear, whether a unit oversupply will actually take effect really depends on the specific property markets within these cities we are talking about. Not all apartment markets are the same, for example Manly in Sydney’s Northern Beaches is one of the tightest and most undersupplied apartment markets in the country, so like all property based debates it’s important to be informed on the details.

But this alleged “inevitable glut of high-rise apartments” that will supposedly hit “tens of thousands” of investors in Sydney and Melbourne does highlight the issue of mum and dad investors not having the correct information at their finger tips when trying to buy, and often as a result are left to make potentially life altering financial decisions on their own.

This reminds me specifically of a local Manly resident who came to me some 8 to 10 years ago having found himself in a predicament. His name is Jon, and while his heart was absolutely in the right place, Jon had bought two investment properties that were putting a serious strain on not just his finances but also his life. This situation is not dissimilar to many others who have bought unwisely in potentially oversupplied markets.

It was actually Jon’s bank manager who suggested he seek me out for a coffee and advice. To use Jon’s own words he really didn’t have a strategy in place or have a firm grasp of what he was doing as a property investor. Jon literally said to me “when you’re on your own you’re food for predators”, as that had been his exact experience with these two failing properties that were making it harder and harder to keep his head above water.unnamed

But from that day on Jon took advantage of the group buying power and the professional service my team and I provide. Thanks to this leveraged “Hunting As A Pack” philosophy, it makes me extremely proud to say that we have assisted Jon in acquiring 9 investment properties, and his entire portfolio is now cash-flow positive paying him and his wife for the pleasure of owning them.

This kind of turn around is possible thanks to the unfair advantages that individual investors can achieve thanks to the outstanding buying power that being part of a buyers group can afford.

One of these unfair advantages some of our followers are taking advantage is a particular deal where my team and I have negotiated ‘YOUR STAMP DUTY WILL BE PAID FOR YOU’. This is only on limited stock located in certain powerhouse regional markets in NSW that our research is currently focused on.

With so many mum and dad investors trying to fight an uphill battle on their own, it makes more and more sense to tip the scales back in your favour and achieve the results you deserve. Now armed with this unfair advantage there really is no limit to what we can achieve as a group.


If you’d like to hear more about how we are helping every day people secure investment properties in these growth markets without the need to pay stamp duty, please click on the link below to find out more.