Have You Missed The Property Boat?

Have You Missed The Property Boat?
An Editorial By Phil Anderson - Tuesday March 14th

Following exceptionally strong growth in Sydney and Melbourne house prices over the past four years, buyers might be asking themselves if they’ve missed their opportunity for capital growth. This escalating pressure on regular Australian’s looking to set themselves up for retirement is valid, but if you look outside your local market you’ll realise that when it comes to boats sailing out of the harbour, there is more than one port to choose from.

This mindset is an understandable one, particularly if you’ve found yourself watching a rising market for quite some time without the ability to jump in. You may be feeling that you’ve let yourself, as well as your family, down by not taking the plunge years ago.

But in my opinion I believe that when it comes to quality rising markets you haven’t missed the boat.

There are always opportunities if you know WHERE to look (even if you are priced out of your current market), and even better… if you understand WHAT to look for. I’m talking about markets that have out performed Melbourne over the past 15 years, have price points less than half that of the Sydney market, and have yields more than double both Sydney and Melbourne.

I showed several such hidden gems to shocked investors just this past weekend who thought their time to build for their future had completely come and gone. I’ll be doing exactly the same at my next free event, outlining where I believe the best options are to get the most out of your investing dollar and prepare for the future.

More than ever Investors have extremely high expectations for their investments, which I think is a great thing. Four years ago we were buying dozens of properties in Sydney and our high expectations have certainly been justified, but the run is coming to an end.

But just because you’ve missed the Sydney and Melbourne price “boom” in recent years, don’t fall into the trap of thinking double digit capital growth isn’t about to happen again elsewhere in the coming years.

Areas that possess quality markets, reliable tenants, massive growth drivers and best of all… affordable price points are all around us. The key is to look forward to the future and take advantage, not continuously looking back singing “Should-a, would-a, could-a”

There will always be somewhere ideal to buy even if you think you’ve missed your own market, as different areas will begin their “rising” phase at different times. To learn about these markets in detail, and how we’re currently helping a range of people enter markets they didn’t think were possible register to my next free event near you by clicking here.