How To Buy With Confidence... Every Time

How To Buy With Confidence... Every Time
An Editorial By Phil Anderson - Tuesday February 21st

No matter if you’re buying or selling a property, it can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life... particularly if it’s your first time in doing so. For most of us time has become more precious than ever, and the need for a dynamic and professional team to help you on your property journey is no longer just a luxury, but a necessity. Here’s why.

When most people look to buy a property, they do it all themselves. This includes market and property research, arranging finance and loan

approvals, and seemingly endless appointments and phone calls. Personally, I enjoy the experience, as do all of our passionate Lifecorp team... but in a time poor world, many (if not most) people just don’t have the luxury to literally know and do it all when it comes to buying property.

And for this reason we are seeing an increasing trend of those every day property enthusiasts relying more and more on a “team” of professionals around them to draw advice from. This includes trusted real estate agents (for sellers), property managers, mortgage brokers, and buyers’ agents (for buyers).

Buyers’ agents, for example, are becoming more and more popular. The Real Estate Buyers Agent Association of Australia (REBAA) has reported an increase in size by more than 110% as the demand for buyers’ agent services has increased since their inception in 2000.

Bringing this team together, as well as knowing the right property types and property markets to target is the key focus of my next round of live events. Some of these have sold out already, but if you wish to join us there are some limited spots available but act fast.

investors who are looking to simplify their investment experience and expand or begin their portfolio, a trusted source of reliable research and information is nothing less than gold, saving more than just time, but also potential heart ache, thousands of dollars, and even a marriage or two.necktie-1209416_1920

In my opinion these are the crucial team members that are needed if you’re serious about avoiding fatal mistakes in property buying and selling. I personally have individuals from the below professions whose expertise I draw on almost daily.

A local Real Estate Agent / Property Manager

Real estate agents are instrumental to homeowners looking to get the maximum dollar in the sale of their home. Investors looking to rent out their properties and attract the right kind of tenants for a successful and harmonious investment experience need to draw on the expertise of a trusted property manager. The value of these two groups can’t be overlooked.

A Mortgage Broker

Sourcing a loan is no longer a question of walking into a bank branch and presenting them with your financials or pay slips. There are so many variations between the different lenders, that doing so can often be detrimental to your cause. A good mortgage broker works for you to understand the current situation and fit you with the right product moving forward.

A Buyer’s Agent

A buyer’s agent has your best interests at heart when buying a property. This can be most beneficial for time-poor investors looking for best buying opportunities that may well be interstate, and they enlist a buyers’ agent to do the research utilising skills and tools that are not always accessible to the general public.

Take my advice and leverage from those who make it their business to get the best result for you. This has been a big part of my successful 25 year property investing career. To learn more about my free live events and if there are seats available in a location near you please click below.




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