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Introducing Family & Friends to Lifecorp

Since hitting our 1,000-member goal and ‘closing the doors’ to our special group of investors we get many requests from valued members wanting to share the benefits of Lifecorp membership with family and friends.

As with many clubs and groups, from time to time, openings do arise to release applications to take on a select number of new entrants and priority for these allocations is given to the family and friends of Lifecorp members.

Send an Invitation

To invite your family member or friend, simply copy and paste this link into an email and email them. This link will introduce them to Lifecorp, what we do and how they can benefit (feel free to take a look yourself before sharing).

When your family member / friend submits the application form they will be contacted by our Member Services Manager. And if we are a good match for each other, they will have the opportunity to join. Please keep in mind that places are very limited and there may be some wait list before an approved application can proceed to membership.


We are focused on the exceptional

delivery of 3 core property strategies


We are focused on the exceptional

delivery of 3 core property strategies


Start or diversify your portfolio

with properties under $550,000


Get ahead of the market with this
unique, low entry point model

Strategy Afternoon

- Join Phil, the team and other members to hear the latest on new property investor concepts and special projects tailored to match your lifestyle today and build wealth for tomorrow.

Lifecorp members are invited to Phil’s Strategy Afternoon meetings held on Saturday afternoons three times a year in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. This is where we get together and not only get to hear the latest property information but to personally connect with Phil, the team and other members to learn, share experiences and spend quality social time together. And for those who wish to stay on a little later into the evening we enjoy a meal together at the venue restaurant.

Strategy Afternoon

- It’s been said that celebrating our achievements prepares us to expect even more.

What better way to celebrate than to be with a group of likeminded property investors on a getaway weekend connecting with each other for friendship and fun at a fabulous destination resort.

Our Annual Lifecorp Summit is to celebrate the year that was and to invigorate us for even more of what Lifecorp has planned for the year ahead.

This is our gala event of the year to which all of our members and families are invited to attend and celebrate with us. Many of our members will have reason to super celebrate as they qualify to attend the Lifecorp Summit as our guest with their weekend being an achievement gift.


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