Is your portfolio achieving optimal performance?

Small tweaks today can often result in massive benefits tomorrow

Is your property consistently performing so your financial goals remain on track?

What many investors don’t have time to do is analyse the performance of their property regularly, to ensure that it is achieving the desired outcomes. Property markets can change over time which can affect the overall performance of your property.

Our Portfolio Performance Review will provide detailed information about each property and empower you to choose the most suitable strategies and make decisions moving forward to best meet your investment goals.

Why 'Buy & Hold' can also lead to 'Set & Forget'

For property investors, a buy and hold strategy is the simplest and has the lowest risk. Unlike more aggressive strategies such as property development or ‘flipping’, buying a property, and holding it long-term is a passive strategy, which can be undertaken by almost anyone, regardless of expertise and time commitments. You don’t need to be a builder or carpenter (or need to employ them) to conduct renovations, nor do you need to understand town planning and project management to develop new properties.

The strategy is not sensitive to timing. If you get the market wrong for a new development or ‘flip’, you can be up for big losses, as you can also be if you bought a property for the purposes of short-term speculation. With a buy and hold strategy, if you are receiving rental income, and have a sensible financial buffer in place, you can hold the property indefinitely.

This point is arguably the most important quality of a buy and hold strategy - it removes the emotions from your decision-making. Emotions ‘will defeat you totally’. Holding the right property for the right length of time will reward you if you play the long game and avoid getting sucked into what the market is doing on a day-to-day basis.

You may be sitting on untapped gold!

Latest data from core logic confirms the property market has enjoyed in excess of sixteen months of consecutive growth.

It’s prudent now for you to explore what your property is worth and how you can leverage its growth and review ongoing investment strategies.

This exclusive member service is incredible value

This portfolio performance review will assist you to understand:

  • Current Market Values
  • Current Rental Values
  • Market Performance (Percentage Growth)
  • Assessment on current tax affordability i.e., remaining depreciable value and expected maintenance budget
  • Snapshot of land reserve position
  • Overview of Suggestions + Strategy Ideas

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