Is the property market confusing you?

Feeling confused by the Australian property market? 

The Australian property market has got people confused. 

The good news is though, that many investors are now obviously concerned about following that old 'buy and hope' model that's a very risky strategy and luckily many investors now understand that. The days of just buying in your own suburb and hoping that one day it'll make sense, certainly have investors now thinking there's got to be a better strategy out there. More informed investors certainly are looking for the right strategy that fits them. 

I think it's a great opportunity for investors to come back to some real basics.   As kids we are taught when we line up for that first race you know to get ready, get set, and then go.  Not go out and buy and hope that it's all going to work out.  As property investors I think we need to first prepare ourselves, get ready to really understand what sort of property, what sort of strategy is going to give us the end result that we're looking for.. and then of course, getting set to buy.  Getting yourself prepared to buy is about understanding what's required to really effectively make that strategy work.

There's always key ingredients to every recipe. Now I've become very focused on recipes - investor strategies - as I'm a bit of a lazy investor. When I hit the go button I want to go out and buy a property and have it go to work for me. I don't want to be working for the property. Many of you may share that as a desire. Others will say no, I want to renovate or have a second job doing developments, or whatever, and that's OK.  But each of us need to understand the strategy that is best for us personally. Get ready, get set and then go, so you can take action. 

You can make sure that you're moving ahead with confidence. You've got restful nights. You haven't got stress mounting up on you and feeling like - gee should I have made that choice?  You want to be confident - you want to be able to move ahead with confidence. You want to have safety, performance, and that's all very possible, if you do it in the right order.  If you don't of course, you hit the go button you might be racing straight off the edge of a cliff and none of us want that!

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