Property Prices To Crash 40%?

The recent 60 minutes 'Bricks & Slaughter' story is further proof that you can't rely on mainstream media for reliable, balanced input into the Australian property market. I feel sorry for Mum and Dad investors that will lose sleep over these sorts of stories, and I feel terrible for the experts that were featured in this story but had their comments 'cherry picked' to reinforce the shows goal [ Read More ]

Cane Estate - Final Update

Congratulations to the members that managed to secure a property at Cane Estate. While we didn't get as many homes allocated as we would have liked - due to local owner-occupiers securing the homes - it's going to be a great opportunity for those that did.If you've got interest in this estate, Lifecorp will do their best to possibly source a couple more if possible. Simply express your interest to [ Read More ]

Special Project in NSW - September 2018

Only 4 homes in this once in a lifetime project remain, this is your last chance to secure one of these beautiful beach side homes in Port Macquarie.This special project is exclusive to Lifecorp members and is very limited with only a total of 6 terrace homes available.These homes feature 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car spaces and start at $799,000.Catarina Estate is located right next to Rainbow [ Read More ]