The Trend that could Supply 'Half Price' Family Homes

The trend that could supply half price family homes - The Trend that could Supply 'Half Price' Family Homes

The trend that could supply 'half price' family homes:  

Do you wish you could afford to buy or upgrade a family home but can't imagine how that will ever be possible?  Well there is great news.

A good news story emerging from the COVID-19 crisis suggests this might be possible sooner than most Australians expect, and you could be shocked to learn these properties could be available at half the normal price?

Millions of people around the world have been forced to distance themselves from their colleges due to COVID-19.  This dramatic increase in the volume of remote workers has only increased the speed of a powerful trend that was already experiencing significant growth.  Australians looking to avoid a lifestyle draining urban lifestyle have been driving the emerging popularity in this once largely unfamiliar working lifestyle.  Still, now with millions thrown into this alternate working lifestyle, the choice to continue working remotely is expected to be seen in an entirely new and positive light.

Businesses will adjust their 'burn rate' tolerance

Countless small and mid-sized Australian businesses have been forced to 'strip back' their typical operating costs to survive the current COVID-19 business climate.  Many once overlooked expenses are now under the microscope as business models are streamlined.  A highly expected outcome from this unprecedented global event highlights the fact most analysts anticipate businesses to learn new skills, streamline many systems and cut their monthly 'burn rate' via resuming business, post COVID-19, with dramatically reduced overheads. 

Businesses that embrace the current remote working requirements will be better placed to dramatically reduce one of their most significant expenses, their office rent.  A higher percentage of team members working remotely will allow offices to scale back substantially, even choosing to no longer carry this cost at all and instead rent meeting rooms and office facilities as required via a potentially even more visually impressive shared office arrangement.

Contractors will rebuild our economy

Employees sitting in large office spaces will be replaced where possible with businesses preferring to reevaluate their business models to capitalise on a remote workforce, contracted to perform specialised roles that are focused on 'outcomes,' not 'hours.' Video conferencing, clearly detailed projects, and regular progress milestone reviews will empower these contractors to perform vital roles as Australian businesses contribute towards rebuilding our economy.

A remote workforce, mostly operating as contractors, is not a new thing created by COVID-19, the pandemic is just accelerating this trend.  In the United States, the U.S Census Bureau has reported that this trend has grown by 400% over the past decade. Many other countries around the world have also reported the huge merit of this trend before this crisis has forced companies to implement these measures to survive.

The trend that could supply half price family homes2 - The Trend that could Supply 'Half Price' Family Homes

Prepare for urban Escape

Millions of Australians have daydreamed about better lives while on their long, draining daily commute to their workplace.  And while Social Distancing has provided a new set of challenges and appreciation for many simple things each of us has taken for granted, countless businesses are forming new habits that will see sectors of the workforce never resuming the old traditional office-based models.

The countries and businesses around the world that have led the way with this movement before COVID-19 are now giving confidence to CEO's around the globe rapidly embracing the benefits of building a team constructed mainly from remote workers. There is plenty of evidence that remote workers have higher energy levels and more success in delivering projects within set timelines.  Significant constant technology improvements are only adding to the effectiveness of this rapidly emerging trend as people realise they can avoid the draining urban 'rat race' and instead enjoy dramatically improved lifestyles from the comfort of your home or local cafe.

Twice the Life, Half the Price!

Hundreds of young families are already benefiting from companies proving to be early adopters of the remote workforce model. These families have jumped at the opportunity to embrace rewarding consultancy roles with clear understandings around the frequency of face to face meetings, allowing them to have far greater choices around where they will purchase a family home and raise their families.  Once long conditioned limiting beliefs are removed, many families now find themselves in a position where a total relocation to a regional location outside the city is not only practical; it's incredibly smart.

Dozens of key regional markets are expected to benefit significantly as this new trend grows in popularity.  Countless families, once prohibited from entering the property market within our biggest cities, will now have the ability to purchase larger homes at half the price or less.  Income levels that once struggled to provide a comfortable lifestyle will also go much further in these regional areas, allowing families to relax knowing they can afford a home, school fees, and a wide range of inexpensive family activities. These hotly tipped growth locations have the potential to offer remote workers 'twice the life' at 'half the price'.

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