UNCOVERED - What is Australia’s Number 1 Growth Market?

UNCOVERED - What is Australia’s Number 1 Growth Market?
An Editorial By Phil Anderson - Thursday August 24th

What makes the ideal place to live? Is it easy access to amenities such as major airports and hospitals? Is it quality primary, secondary and tertiary education options, or a relaxed, beach side lifestyle? Or, is it living in a safe and supportive community while paying an affordable price tag? In reality the answer is ‘all of the above’, and thanks to literally tens of billions of dollars being poured into local infrastructure we are seeing regional markets go from strength to strength.

Newly announced or approved infrastructure can be an investors best friend, and right now it is creating a race to see which of Australia’s regional hotspots can claim the tag of Australia’s number 1 growth market. Infrastructure can single-handedly turn a good property market into a great one in a very short period of time as it creates waves and waves of capital growth, not unlike a pebble being dropped into a pond.

The massive infrastructure projects that have been tabled for southeast Queensland (as well as the arrival of the Commonwealth Games next year) have sparked a lot of attention and renewed interest in these markets. I’m talking about literally in excess of $15 billion in infrastructure coming into already booming coastal regions, which has prompted specialist property research and writer Terry Ryder to state “the Sunshine Coast as the No.1 pick in regional Queensland, ahead of the Gold Coast.”

Heading the impressive list of infrastructure projects is the $2 billion Sunshine Coast University Hospital and the $150 million private hospital due to be completed sometime this year, the $1.7 billion Bruce Highway Upgrade which has transformed the accessibility and rapidly closed the gap between Hervey Bay, Gympie, the Sunshine Coast and the Brisbane CBD.

But NSW refuses to be out done, with a $72.7 billion infrastructure spend (the largest in NSW history) in the pipeline including $7.7 billion into health and hospital development, $2.2 billion into schools, and a $100 million cultural program as the Government pours money into regional water and gas pipeline projects.

As I have mentioned before there are many other boxes that need to be ticked for us to consider recommending a property market for our followers. While identifying the right area is all well and good, the specific deal we negotiate for our members often turns the prospect of investing in the country’s best growth markets from a ‘maybe’ to an absolute ‘no brainer’.unnamed-1

With more than a decade of group buying power at our finger tips our leveraged “Hunting As A Pack” philosophy is currently paying dividends like never before, and as a result of this heightened buying power the unfair advantages that individual investors can achieve dwarfs what they may be able to achieve on their own.

For example last week I mentioned on certain deals my team and I have been able to negotiate for ‘YOUR STAMP DUTY WILL BE PAID FOR YOU’, a feature relevant to certain regional powerhouse markets in NSW.

With these opportunities we have been able to negotiate deals with highly respected developers that would ‘blow the minds’ of average investors where in key NSW investment locations the developer will actually pay the stamp duty for you.

This more than levels the playing field for your regular mum and dad investors who for years have just been at the mercy of big developers. Now armed with this unfair advantage there really is no limit to what we can achieve as a group.


If you’d like to hear more about how we are helping Lifecorp Members secure investment properties in these growth markets without the need to pay stamp duty, please click on the link below to find out more.