What’s The Golden Rule Of Investing?

What’s The Golden Rule Of Investing?
An Editorial By Phil Anderson - Tuesday September 12th

When you buy your family home it’s all about you. Your tastes, your needs, your wants. An investment property however, couldn’t be more different, as you’re trying to cater for someone else’s needs and wants. Choosing a property that has the best chance of being in high demand requires setting aside your personal tastes and instead listening to the market

We’ve all heard the saying “Horses for Courses”, and when it comes to property it certainly rings true. Some of us love the big cities, others hate the idea of busy traffic and a fast paced lifestyle. Some adore the peace and quiet, while others prefer the energy of the hustle and bustle.

8 million Australians (that’s roughly one in three) choose to live outside our big capital cities. The goal of a successful investor is to not argue with someone else’s preferences for living, but rather capitalise on that fact.

Any location that is a non-capital city technically falls under the banner of a regional location. But this does not by definition mean the area is secluded. Usually my team and I are watching up to 40 to 50 regional property markets which are essentially self sustaining, growing regional hubs with impressive infrastructure including airports, major hospitals and impressive education links.

The days of dismissing large, growing regional hubs as dangerous investments are over. Thanks to a rampaging population growth Australia is recognising more and more that many of these rich regional areas are providing incredible and affordable opportunities for those looking to retire, to move to a less stressful and less expensive lifestyle, and of course a great place to raise a family.


Generally the cost of living in Australia’s biggest cities (most notably in Sydney and Melbourne) continues to increase to the point where the trend of retirees and young families looking for an affordable alternative are increasing.

To go along with the lower cost of living in regional locations is that you typically get more for your dollar when it comes to real estate. In most cases housing density (high rise apartments, for example) is much lower than their big city counterparts, resulting in more affordable price points for a large family home with a back yard. One of the attractive affects of this in many regional locations is a much higher yield for investors, often creating better financial returns week in, week out.

And these are the opportunities that we are looking for; strong cashflow properties in high demand (to both tenants and local buyers) that also provide us with a great opportunity. Our long history of property investing not only allows us to protect clients from the harmful operators out there, but also armed with our mentality of ‘hunting as a pack' we are able to arrange some unheard of benefits and deals.

One of these, which we are able to arrange in certain regional powerhouse locations, is where our leverage has allowed us to negotiate with quality developers for them to pay your stamp duty on a property purchase, instantly saving your thousands of dollars and putting you ahead of the competition immediately.

To learn more about how we go about find these great property deals for clients click the link below to speak with someone from my great team.