Who we are

Lifecorp is a successful Investment Property Buyers Group founded in 2007 on the premise that wealth creation with property should not be at the cost of lifestyle today. The Lunch Money Model is a platform of education, turnkey solutions through which the Lifecorp community evolved.

We buy a property that is cash-flow positive, has minimal risk and uses leverage to negotiate wholesale pricing and terms for the benefit of individual members.

In 2017 we achieved our goal of 1,000 members and are now an exclusive group, accepting new entrants periodically based on referral invitation and application. If you would like to be considered, please enjoy our content.

Phil Anderson 
Lifecorp Founder, CEO and National Property Commentator

What we do

Lifecorp is one of the best Property Investment Companies in Australia. Our services have been designed by investors, for investors. We focus on wealth creation through residential property using group buying power for individual gain and safety.