Will you Survive or Thrive?

Will you Survive or Thrive? 

I'm sure that you're very much aware that we are now fighting two very significant battles at the same time. This war against the Coronavirus has us fighting a battle to save millions of Australians when it comes to their health. And we're also struggling to try and work out how we're going to save our economy.

There are certainly a lot of questions being fired at me from property investors.  How do they protect their portfolios?  What am I doing?  Everyone knows that the GFC era was one of the periods that I did some very significant purchasing.  Some of the best properties that I've purchased in my 30 years as a property investor, was during the GFC.

While everyone else was full of fear and were unsure as to what to do next, that was when I was doing the most significant purchasing probably through my whole 30 years as a property investor, and I've done incredibly well because of that.

Now, a couple of things.  One, if you're a landlord, please keep an eye out for a landlord toolkit I'm putting together.  I'm waiting for a few more government announcements, but over the next few days (maybe as long as a week) I hope to release a tool kit for landlords giving some suggestions around how you may be able to protect yourself and your assets.

If you're an investor, I think there's an opportunity in this not just to survive, but to thrive as the market potentially comes back and re-bounds.  There is, at the moment, a lot of confidence in the Australian property market and over the coming weeks I want to show you why that is the case.  I want to help you understand how well the property market in Australia has survived and thrived through other global crises when it comes to Share Markets that have crashed and so forth.

The Australian property market has performed incredibly well.  Now, I don't know what the next month will hold, and I think it's only going to get worse before it gets better.  I'm not saying jump in and take action now, but I think this is a great time to protect yourself.  I'll try to get the toolkit out to you very soon.  If as an investor you feel like you've got a stable income and you feel like you're well-positioned, this could be an incredible time to be prepared to purchase.  It could be a window of opportunity that opens up in the months ahead.  There's no rush.  But there is a great opportunity here for you to plan and get your strategies so you know exactly what would be the best move to make when the time is right.

I think there are two camps.  One will bunker down and try to survive.  Some people will sit on the couch and watch Netflix till they run out of options to watch, while others will use this as a time to prepare.  That's very much what I will do.  I don't want to play down the severity of this virus at all, and my heart goes out to the people losing jobs.  I feel terrible.  I want to participate as much as possible to help people have better mental health through this crisis.  A lot of people will be stuck at home worried about their future.  I'm going to try to provide a lot of great tools in the coming weeks and months to help fellow investors understand what I'm thinking, why I'm planning specific strategies, and what markets I'll be buying in.

Please keep an eye out for some of that content that I am more than happy to share.  It's my way that I can give back and do something positive in this terrible time.  I feel like it's the least I could do.  I hope this video finds you safe and well, and please protect your families.  Keep your eyes out for more content because I plan to share more specific information, not just about protecting your portfolios, but also about positioning yourself for the opportunities that will come.  Once it bounces back, it's usually too late.  So please be prepared.

Be early, be prepared, and have your strategies ready and if the timing is right - Act. 

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